Monday 22 April 2013

Bestseller in Spanish

Bestseller was launched in Spanish two weeks ago. My wonderful publisher Alba Editorial invited me to a series of interviews and a lovely launch at La Central, where I had the honour to be introduced by the legendary Spanish publisher Jorge Herralde, founder of Anagrama. There was a good crowd – it was a good opportunity to see many of my Spanish friends – and I left with a feeling that, despite the ongoing world financial crisis, the Spanish literary scene is more vibrant than the English one at the moment. I'd like to thank my publisher, Idoia Moll, my editor María Tena, my translator Laura Vidal, my interpreter Kate Wilson and the rest of the team at Alba for their wonderful work. I feel I am in excellent hands in Spain.

There have been a number of reviews of Bestseller in Spanish and Catalan – if you are interested you can find most of them online.

You can see myself on the left, with Jorge Herralde in the centre and María Tena on the right.