Thursday 25 December 2008

“More hearkening to the sermon’s horrid sound.” (John Keats)

A quick Christmas report from the religious front. Yesterday we went to the 5:30pm mass at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Richmond, and I was surprised to find the church completely packed. By a rough count, I reckon there must have been at least three hundred people, if not more.

It is a sign that if the Anglicans are struggling to fill their churches, the Catholics are experiencing a kind of post-modern resurgence, despite the financial crisis and “Ratzo” Ratzinger’s recent pronuncements.

So the old boys appear to be back in business – at least for a day – and judging by the substantial offertory proceeds (which must surpass the takings of many retailers these days, and certainly have better margins and no taxation), there is every indication that the Catholic franchise will be brought to more locations near you in the not too distant future.

Happy Christmas again,


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