Monday 2 July 2012

Launch of new novel InterRail

Giving a speech at the Calder Bookshop and Theatre

Many people braved the sultry London afternoon and came to the Calder Bookshop Wednesday evening, preferring our company and a glass of wine to the footballing feats of Ronaldo, Iniesta and Fabregas.

The even was the launch of my new novel, InterRail, and Jim Keeble’s The Happy Numbers of Julius Miles (recently reviewed in the Guardian) – two very different books in style, tone and setting. Jim’s book is modern, inventive, linguistically explosive and urban. My book is more traditional, gently humorous and cosmopolitan. Jim’s book has a self-styled transexual God of Love as the narrator, my book has a twenty-one-year-old Italian Candide – if such thing ever existed – as the hero of the story.

Jim Keeble
I have recently come back from an InterRail trip (my third) – and it was a real blast. You can now travel across thirty-four European countries, there is no age limit and there’s a number of flexible passes suited to the traveller’s finances and time availability. And it is even possible to travel first class. To find out more about this wonderful way to discover Europe, visit

And to encourage more people to embrace InterRailing, we are offering the chance to win a free InterRail pass across Europe. To enter the competition, just visit our website:

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