Wednesday 4 August 2010


Yesterday evening we went to see Inception. We were very sceptical at first, especially when it started like a film videogame. But as we entered the story we were riveted, and so were the rest of the audience by the look of it. What was amazing, though, is that the book is a complete rip-off of many Yasutaka Tsutsui's novels written between the 1970's and today. Planting ideas in people's minds, sharing and manipulating dreams, dreams within dreams, etc., are all elements you can find in Paprika (which we published in 2008 and was adapted into a spooky but wonderful anime) or The Girl Who Leapt through Time (which we'll publish next spring). The guy who commissions the planting of the idea also looks like he's Japanese, so it's only natural that conspiracy theories are buzzing in my ears. Anyway, the movie is very well done, I must admit, whether they stole the main ideas or not.

For another two alleged rip-offs of books published by Alma, see this bloggerel entry:

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  1. If the story came from anywhere other than out of the collective unconscious then it's got a claim to have roots in this comic book


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