Saturday 28 August 2010

The Water Theatre

Simply the most wonderful review of Lindsay Clarke's The Water Theatre (which is out in September) in today's The Times. "A stunning, compelling tale that tackles the biggest theme of all: the existence of evil… The Water Theatre should… re-establish [Lindsay Clarke] as one of our most talented, ambitious and ground-breaking novelists. There is nothing small about this book; it is huge in scope, in energy, in heart." Etc. etc. etc. I am so thrilled for Lindsay, and I am sure there is more to come soon.

Also in today's The Times, entirely by coincidence, there is a piece I have written about the new Lightship literary awards for short stories, poetry and first chapter of a novel. I will write more extensively about this soon, as I am involved as a judge of the First Chapter competition, and Alma is one of the sponsors of this wonderful new initiative created by the novelist Simon C. Kerr (


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  1. The first chapter alone is enough to convince this reader at least that this is a very special read.


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