Friday 7 August 2009

Bad publishing

I'll admit it: I am a bad bad publisher. I have published *** and ***, and even ************************************************ (hiatus magnus lachrymabilis). The thing is, when you publish something good it may get some attention, and even a good review, but when you publish something bad it oozes into oblivion, leaving an indelible mark of shame in your conscience. I have just picked up a book I've published. I remember I didn't want to publish it, really, but was finally persuaded by financial considerations, and deadlines. It was a decent commercial success in the end, but it's still a blot on my conscience. How many books like this are published?


1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, lots!

    But still your confession establishes a marker I wish other publishers had the balls to admit.

    Three hail marys and and an our father and go peacefully forward with a clear conscience.

    It is better to have read and not loved the read than not published and be filled with tireless regret.


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