Saturday 3 April 2010


As I write this, I have two books on my desk and about three hundred and fifty (and growing) on the bookshelves around me. The two books are a collection of poetry that I published around five years ago, A Modern Bestiary, and the finished copy of my first novel, Bestseller, to be launched at the London Book Fair on 20th April. The three hundred and fifty books around me are the ones I published over the last ten years, first at Hesperus Press and then at Alma Books and Oneworld Classics, most of them works in translation by some of the authors I admire most in world literature. Although I am very proud of my achievements as a publisher, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that, really, my heart is in writing.

I could actually go further and say that if I became a publisher it was probably only in order to get my own works published. . .



  1. I was quite amused and pleased with your confession. Congratulations! IG

  2. Wish you the best with the book launch. Must be satisfying to have launched many an author.


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