Sunday 16 May 2010

Masterclass in Roman Cuisine

My trip to Rome turned into a masterclass in Roman cuisine. I have asked my mother and aunt to prepare some Roman dishes I had not tried for years, and the result was divine: Roman cuisine is simple and delicious. Here's a brief selection of what went down my throat by way of my palate:

First course
Risotto ai carciofi (mum): 8/10
Spaghetti ai funghi porcini (aunt): 9/10. This could have been a 10/10 if the porcini had been picked the previous night
Minestra di fagioli (mum): 9/10

Second or main course
Bistecca alla brace (mum): 9/10
Scaloppine ai funghi porcini (aunt): 10/10
BaccalĂ  in padella (mum): (10/10)

Side dishes
"Bieda" (Swiss chard) ripassata in padella (mum): 10/10
"Cicoria" di campo (wild chicory) ripassata in padella (mum): 10/10
Zucchine gratinate (aunt): 9/10

So it was a fiercely fought tie. Even more than eating, I enjoyed learning the small secrets which can transform an ordinary recipe into something special.

Should our publishing business fail, we could always turn to cooking.


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