Monday 17 May 2010

A New Pizzeria in Town

Our friends Andrea and Lisa took us to a new pizza place in Chiswick, called Franco Manca. It's new over here, but apparently it's been open for eighteen years in Brixton, and they are now thinking to open another five or six shops nationwide. I really hope they do, because they are evangelizing the real Neapolitan pizza. It's sourdough pizza, and the dough is left to rise for twenty hours before being used. The tomato is fresh, the mozzarella is top-quality, and the result is the best pizza I've had in years, not just in the UK. It did remind me of the pizza I used to have in Naples in the early Nineties. If you haven't been there, do try it – it's on 144 Chiswick High Road.

And (I whisper here) it's very very reasonably priced.



  1. Good tip, thank you. I love good relaxed pizzas on London evenings. My favourite is Casarecia on the Kilburn High Road, but its nice to have a bit of variety.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Sounds yummy - perhaps you could do a deal with them - free Alma Book included with your pizza delivery for orders over a tenner!


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