Tuesday 25 May 2010

The Moonstone Legacy

Today is an exciting day for Pushkin press, seeing as it does the launch of its first young-adult title – also the first title to be written for Pushkin, rather than translated from a foreign-language original.

The book is called The Moonstone Legacy – inspired by Wilkie Collins’ classic Victorian mystery, The Moonstone it’s a literary sort of young-adult title, but still has a plot as gripping as that of the original, taking the reader on a journey from the Yorkshire Moors to the jungles of Gujarat and back.

Over the next couple of weeks the book and its authors, Diana de Gunzburg and Tony Wild, will be going on a blog tour to promote the book. Diana and Tony are busy preparing for the launch, but Tony sent us this message from his native Yorkshire, home of the novel’s heroine, Lizzie Abercrombie:

“With the Yorkshire launch coming up tomorrow, Diana and I retreated over the weekend to the North York Moors for a heavy dose of Lizzy-land. Thirteen miles of bone-wearying trek around Farndale later, we ended up in Kepwick, the location of our fictional Shalimar. It was on particularly fine form, roasting under the blazing May sun, the early heather shoots on the surrounding moors a startling green, snipes soaring in the blue, blue sky. As the Moghul Emperor Babur said upon his first visit to Kashmir,"If there is a Heaven here on earth, this is it, this is it … !”

Below are the dates of the forthcoming stops on the tour:

Lizzy's Literary Life http://lizzysiddal.wordpress.com 27th May

Marjoleinbookblog http://marjoleinbookblog.blogspot.com 31st May

Pretty Little YA Books http://teen.chicklitreviews.com 1st June

Writing from the Tub http://carlybennett.blogspot.com 3rd June

J'adore www.jadorebooks.blogspot.com 5th June

The Truth About Lies http://jim-murdoch.blogspot.com 7th June

Once upon a Bookcase http://onceuponabookcase.blogspot.com 8th June

Narratively Speaking http://narrativelyspeaking.blogspot.com 10th June

So Many Books, So Little Time http://solittletimeforbooks.blogspot.com 11th June

Magic Bean Review http://magicbeanreview.wordpress.com 14th June

Nayu's Reading Corner http://nayusreadingcorner.blogspot.com 15th June

Bookbabblers http://bookbabblers.co.uk 16th June

Book Reviews by Sarah http://bookreviewsbysarah.blogspot.com 17th June

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