Monday 27 April 2009

Unreliable Narrators

There is a really nice interview of DEAR EVERYBODY up at Just William's Luck. William Rycroft asked smart questions about how the book took shape, unreliable narrators, and writing about mental illness -- and I did my best to answer them. Plus, the interview includes a six-word story and a couple of other publishing exclusives.

William also gave DEAR EVERYBODY a nice review, which ends with this: "... the perfect way to tell the story of a man who has fallen through the net ... remembering that he has taken his own life gives a forensic importance to the documents. As you go through the evidence you may find yourself caring more with each page not only about his sad, short life but the continuing narrative of those other voices around him."

This is the last stop on my UK blog tour. Thank you, William (and Kay and Elizabeth and Fiona and Adrian and Marcia and Mike and Susan and Scott and Daniel).


  1. It's been a wonderful experience reading all of these rich and warm responses to DEAR EVERYBODY. Congratulations on the great novel and its success!

    Elena R.

  2. Thank you, Elena, and thank you for reading along. All best, Michael


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