Monday 18 May 2009

What the Dickens!

I have asked Tim Waterstone to tell me more about that Dickens letter – and it turns out I had got a few details wrong. He had not been shown that letter the day before our dinner or even recently, but something like twenty years ago – and that had been at one of the famous Punch parties. The letter was part of the Chapman & Hall archive – Chapman & Hall being dead and gone now, like Punch, my only hope is to track the letter down at the British Library or at the London Library.

I'm planning to go soon, so I'll keep you posted on this little saga.

Meanwhile, can I report that there were actually four reviews of Good to Be God last weekend, not just one or two. And today there was a wonderful review of Paprika in the Independent. And I have just been sent a lovely review of Don Juan de la Mancha in the TLS. A very good week for our publicity department. . .


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