Tuesday 24 February 2009

Twittering ourselves away

“Social-network sites risk infantilising the mid-21st-century mind, leaving it characterised by short attention spans, sensationalism, inability to empathise and a shaky sense of identity, according to a leading neuroscientist.”

This is from today’s The Guardian, and you can read the whole article here.

The only thing I don’t get is why Lady Greenfield is presenting this as a prediction, rather than a fact. Just walk into any train carriage in London, have a look around – if you have any space, that is, and no Metro or other newspaper is being shoved into your face – and you will see half the passengers fiddling with one or two of their mobiles, Blackberries and laptops as they listen to some podcast or other musical download.

Judging from the many vitriolic comments to the Guardian article, anybody attacking Facebook, Bebo and the likes will be called a staunch obscurantist by the twittering mob. Not even being a leading neuroscientist will save you. So I’ll better stop here myself, before getting a virtual lynching.


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  1. On the contrary, keep writing - this blog will hear your sins and grant you absolution.


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