Monday 22 June 2009

Something to cheer about

I have had enough bad news today to be depressed for a month, but after speaking to one of our authors today, who sounded on the verge of suicide, and after talking to John Calder on the phone and listening to his depressing (but probably true) assessment of the publishing industry, life and the universe, I think I could read Sartre's Nausea for good cheer.

There's nothing but bad news around us at the moment, but if there's one reason to celebrate, then this is that we are – really – under the spotlight of the whole world. How? Because we published a book called Salmonella Men on Planet Porno. Maybe for the wrong reasons (just maybe), we are getting thousands of hits every week, and this is giving us our five-minute celebrity moment in the increasingly fierce environment of the Web, where reputations are made and lost in a twitter, and where Google alerts are the measure of human brain life.

Long live the Internet then, and long live free porn for making us feel alive.


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